Stop lying to yourself! You are broken. You have been broken since the first time you breathed in the sickening air that this world has to offer. A million pieces of you were scattered on the floor, because that’s where you belong. And there was no one that could put you back. It’s such a funny story, the way you keep telling yourself that everything’s fine. That’s the problem with those big dreamers. They are so fucked up in their own world, that they don’t see the pile of shit they’re about to step on. And this is going to happen to you too. Actually, it has already happened. And you can’t do anything about it.

Maybe this isn’t the right place for you, after all. It’s worse than a cage, but it’s more comfortable than a prison. It’s your own mind that sets these high objectives, and then fails accomplish them. You fucking rush into things, and that drives everyone insane, except you. Because you are too conceited and shallow, so you pretend that everything’s fine over and over again. Somebody should put a gun against your head and fire until every piece of your mind has been splattered on the floor. Let the germs eat you all, like you deserve. It’s not a fantasy what I’m picturing right now, it’s just your dream exploding in your face. It’s gruesome, and bloody, and awesome at the same time.

And as I sit on my throne, I enjoy every bit of your anguished screams…