Stop it, stop it, stop it!

You are wrong, you don’t even exist. You just want me to be sickened by my own thoughts. You only care about yourself, even though you’ve been pretending you are my friend for so many years. You are still a part of me, but it hurts so bad that I want out. I want to stop feeling, to stop being hurt. You are the only way of doing that, but you are killing me. You are killing yourself. Please don’t die, please stay with me a while longer. Keep me alive so I can continue feeling, so I can continue torturing myself. You said that I was broken, that nobody could heal me. But where does that leave you? When I bleed, you bleed, and if you hurt me, you will suffer too. Don’t you get it? You are no bigger than me. Your attempts of feeling powerful are just as real as that piece of shit you like talking about. They stink and nobody likes them. So stay with me. Be still as I change myself. You will only gain things from this situation. And another thing, my cage is the most majestic thing I’ve seen so far. You know why? Because you are here with me. Forever!


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